A hidden gem.

As we know with the recent boom in craft beer, craft spirits are on the rise. With whisky gaining in popularity, many new distilleries are having an easier time getting out on the international market.   All are brimming with excitement. With the current advancements in technology, many distillers have much more room for creativity. The internet has also opened the gateways of communication, making it much easier to acquire different barrels to age their spirits in. This is great because you will have much more character and new ideas that can come from different perspectives. This does well with single malt’s and blends. After acquiring a barrel, I found the art of blending whisky to be one of the most inventive hobbies that pushes the traditional limits of flavor. It’s a shame that blends don’t get the credit of single malt’s, but i say “to each their own”. Blended whisky stays in high regard.

A blended whisky I’ve recently become acquainted with has stolen much of my attention from my single malts.

Té Bheag from the Pràban na Linne distillery.


The distillery offers 3 whisky’s.

Té Bheag. Pronounced “Chey vek” which in colloquial Gaelic means “a wee dram” and “the little lady”

MacNaMara, meaning “Son of the Sea”

Poit Dhubh 21 Year Old.

The Té Bheag connoisseurs’ blend is an exciting, rich whisky from the Pràban na Linne distillery from the Isle of Skye.  It has a higher malt content which adds to the smooth richness of the blend.  It has a delicate peaty top layer and a toffee-like richness and finishes with a soft, well rounded character. Like everything Gaelic, you get intense beauty and complexity with many influences. I am a fan of most things with maritime influenced, so the clever hint of sea salt and ocean spray really drew me into this delightful dram. It is a must have for anyone who values complexity and rich flavor.

This excerpt below, I lifted from their website. It is truly a unique spirit and earned the many awards they have received.

“The Té Bheag was the winner of the SILVER medal in 2014, 2013, 2012 & 2011 and the gold medal in 2009 at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (Deluxe Blend category).  Also winner of the silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013 (Blended Whisky category)”.

I would write more about the other two, but I have yet to try them. Those reviews will be coming soon.

For more information about them, check out their website.                                                          http://www.gaelicwhisky.com/

Sip smart.



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