Bourbon? from Frankfort Il. ?

We’ve all heard the term “Support your local business”. I agree with it. Especially when it comes to local distillers…..within reason. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a really cool guy who invested in a local distillery down in Frankfort, Il. Naturally, the words “local” and “distillery” peeked my interest because of my blending and barreling hobby/addiction. The timing was perfect. They were having their grand opening later that week, and surely, I attended. It was grand to say the least.

Frankfort Spirits opened Sunday, October 5th. I can’t say how fantastic it was to see such an awesome turn out. I met the master distillers, Phil and Dan Casey, and talked with Phil a while. It’s great when you meet nice people who have a genuine passion for what their doing. Especially when what their doing turns out to be creating damn fine spirits. They have two spirits bottled and available.

Verdict Vodka, which is a grain based vodka, with everything sourced locally, and distilled under the roof of a former court house, hence the name “Verdict”. The vodka is soft, smooth, crisp, and rich, with nice slight notes of clean citrus. If you see it out, get it. It’s fantastic.

Emil Stimple Bourbon. This was a treat and a half. It’s a straight bourbon, comprised of corn, rye and barley, all sourced from local farmers, and carefully aged for 8 years. This is by far, my favorite Illinois whiskey. On the nose, you get a nice round aroma of honey, caramel, and a splash of smoke and spiced vanilla, intertwined with a non-invasive vapor. The balanced layering of the flavors is magnificent. It hits the palate gracefully with a velvety start of honey and caramel, and envelopes the palate completely.The caramel breaks into toffee, with a soft splash of charred oak smoke that counters with vanilla, spice and malt. The spices carry though the center and softly melt into a rich, strong, balanced oak finish that touches off with a slight hint of cinnamon and citrus from the rye. Truly an awesome Bourbon. It is impressive. They have nice packaging also. It’s all bottled in house too. You can see photo’s on their facebook page, linked at the bottom of this post.

These boy’s have out done themselves. I can’t wait to taste their new double barreled bourbon after it’s finished aging. I’m excited for all the things that are coming from these guys. Their future is so bright….It’s gonna need shades. 

For more information on them, check out their website.   Check out their facebook page for news and updates.  .


  1. Miles,

    Thanks for the excellent review. We’re very excited to launch this project and look forward to providing the South Side some incredible, hand crafted spirits for years to come.

    – The Frankfort Spirits Team.


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